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Our builder, Howard Feuer, rescued us from a very emotional renovation situation. Another building company had started the project and was very undependable – with shoddy work to boot! Mr. Feuer picked up the pieces and got to work right away.

Howard showed up everyday, did what he said he would do and got the job done when he predicted. Our new addition is absolutely beautiful! It went above our expectations and the compliments we’ve received are tremendous! We are very grateful to HLF Homes and Howard for all he did!

Thank you again!

Tracy and Rocco Fana

In April 2015 after more than a year of searching, my wife and I found our home.  The house was owned by Fannie Mae and in need of significant updating. After doing some research, we decided to use a 203k loan to buy the home. The 203k loan was the perfect option for us as it allowed a way to finance the cost of repairs into the home loan.  One of the first steps in this process was the selection of a certified 203k contractor.


I was initially impressed with Howard Feuer’s experience in home construction. However, I wanted more than a company with a large construction portfolio. I wanted a contractor that I would be able to work with and communicate with. Ultimately, I chose HLF Homes because of Howard’s experience, responsiveness and communication.

The 203k process is much more complicated than a typical home loan.  Our house was in need of electrical, plumbing, flooring, windows, carpentry, masonry, paint, drywall and a new roof.  HLF Homes was able to complete all aspects of our project from the small to the large.  Howard was always available to work through any issues that we had during the re-hab.  I highly recommend Howard Feuer and the team at HLF Homes for your 203k project.


-Andrew Fernandez

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